COVID-19 Update


Grace family, we want to you to know what to expect when you return to attending our on site services.  We anticipate that each person and family will make wise choices related to Covid protection.  While we have taken precautions related to disinfection our facility and providing sanitizing stations, we cannot guarantee your safety from Covid.

If you have conditions that make you more susceptible to COVID-19 or other communicable disease we encourage you to stay home and participate online.  We also encourage you to sanitize your hands and take other necessary precautions recommended by the CDC.  

If you have symptoms of sickness of any kind please stay home and watch online.



  • We are cleaning and disinfecting the building regularly.
  • We have installed hand sanitizing stations in several places in the building.



  • You can choose to wear a mask or not wear a mask. 
  • Your vaccination status is up to you, we encourage you to use wisdom in making such decisions.  
  • If you have symptoms, especially a fever over 100.4, please stay home.