Day 6-7 Costa Rica

Before I tell the day 6-7 story, I should tell you that we accomplished all the work we came to Costa Rica to do and more.  Because we have been able to do that we have a little extra time the next two days to go to the beach and visit a volcano.  We will also visit Rio Azul where a team from Grace did some work three years ago.
For this trip we are done going to Purral.  Purral was a dangerous place.  Drugs and violence are common.  When I say violence, I mean murder, stabbings, rape, and so on.  While there we were never allowed to leave the church because greengos are targets for robberies and kidnapping.  Yesterday (Saturday) we had an opportunity to participate in the food and student discipleship program the church does on Saturday mornings.  In order to do it, we went to one of the worst parts of Purral.  We were told, “don’t look like greengos.”   Well, that’s almost impossible, but we were also told not to have anything of value on us showing.  That meant taking our sunglasses, watches, and so on off.  Even though this area was in walking distance of the church, we drove our cars for safety reasons.  Local parents don’t allow their kids to walk through the area where we went.  
We ended the day at Mickey and Marelos’ house where my key to the car got stuck in the door when I went to unlock it.  We spent three hours with the rental car company trying to get them to help us, but to no avail.  We ended up getting the key out but now we are afraid that if we lock the door the key might get stuck again.  That’s why there was no blog written last night.
Today we attended Mickey and Marielos’ church where I preached and then we attended the church in Purral and I preached there.  Two very different environments as you can see bellow.
It’s late, I’ll update this post more when I get some time…5 am comes early.

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