Day 3 – Costa Rica

OOOOOOPS!  We started the day out with some mission trip fopauxs.  I wanted to shoot a video with Mickey about the area we are ministering in so I brought my tripod and video rig for my phone.  We went behind the church which overlooked a huge area where you can see the houses in this area which is best described as a slum.

A panoramic of the area from the roof of the church.

In addition a team member had a conversation with the neighbor.  As it turns out, we should not have done this (stupid greengos).  It is a safety concern and could draw un-needed attention.  Pastor Hector was a little upset.  We will try to do better the rest of our time here.
Rule #3 do what your hosts want you to do and don’t break the rules.
We continued to make progress on the floor, a lockable steel closet we are building, and painting in spite of some hickups in the process.  We thought we would be done laying tile today, but had to overcome some challenges..  we basically have 3 work days left.  I don’t think we will have a problem finishing what we are doing unless something unforeseen happens.
We also spent the evening eating pizza with Mickey and Marielos.  It was a great time of reflection and airing a couple of frustrations.  Overall the trip is going really, really well.

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