Day 2 – A Day of Adjustment

The #1 rule of a mission trip is be flexible, but the second is equally important.  The #2 rule of a mission trip is set aside cultural differences.  Americans (really we are still in America, just central America) have a reputation and it isn’t always good, it’s not always bad either.  Americans tend to be hard drivers who like to get things done.  When you are on a mission trip and in a hispanic culture this doesn’t always work well and we might need to just chill a little bit.  
That said, we are only in country and ready to work for 7 days (2 travel days) and we want to help as much as we can.  So we aren’t doing the roof, but it is getting done on this church in one of the worst parts of Purral, San Jose, Costa Rica.
Our job is putting tile on the floor of the main room in the church.  Laying tile isn’t really a hard job, but it is amazing how different cultures can impact accomplishing simple tasks.  When combined with a language barrier it becomes even more difficult.  I am really proud of our guys for their hard work and patience.  They have a real desire to do good ministry!  
Tomorrow we should probably finish getting most of the tile down, if not all of it.  We picked up a couple other projects due to our American pushing.  We are going to build a safety closet to protect some valuable items and possibly paint.  They adjusted to us too a little bit.  Honestly, we would probably put in 12 hour days if they would let us, but their culture doesn’t do that, and that is probably good for us.  

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  1. Karen says:

    Amazing! Prayers are continuos for you guys as you yield to the Holy Spirits direction and accomplish what God has purposed for you to do! Your 2 rules have been the premise of my prayers for you all. Be like Jesus today!
    Your sister in Christ,

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