Costa Rica First Night

Bye Bye USA
We arrived at the airport, rented the car, and headed to our host home…where the host doesn’t speak english and we don’t really speak much Spanish.  We’ll figure it out!  Our hosts seem very gracious and we are thankful for their willingness to have us in their home.  Our American sensibilities are being challenged with the cramped space for 4 men who are accustomed to “American sized things.”  
It didn’t take long to realize we were in a 3rd world country.  I asked Marielos what she thought about Costa Rica being considered the safest country in Central America and she was quick to point out that it is surrounded by Nicaragua and Panama…safety is relative I guess.
The number 1 rule on a mission trip is flexibility and we are already experiencing some of that.  We will not be working on the roof of the church, we will be putting in a floor for Pastor Hector’s church.  The roof is about half-way done with some locals doing a lot of the work and some other contributing some of the funds.  Nevertheless, some of the fund donated did help with the roof and the rest will go toward the floor.  

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